Bite At The Bar

Nice little happy hour with half-off vino from 6-730p. Good crowd at the bar on a Thursday. The menu is solid and while it’s mostly couples people were open to chit-chat.  Not sure about the other days but I’d recommend the Thursday.

Dusty’s Bistro

Strolled into Dusty’s on Sunset recently for a couple of Happy Hour appetizers and Jazz beers. It wasn’t at all crowded, but the food was quite good (I had Beef Carpaccio and Maryland Crab Cakes) and the bartender was a real sweetheart. Plus they had A Streetcar Named Desire playing on the TV. Nice, Dusty. I was there pretty early - 5pm(ish)- so it might well pick up crowd-wise a little later.

Cliffs Edge

Had a very enjoyable dinner tonight at Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake.  A couple of liberally-poured Malbecs helped chase down an exquisite Anchovy Bruschetta, a solid order of Salmon Trout Rilettes, then finally a couple of tasty Scallops.  There were a few stragglers at the bar, with which I sadly did not commiserate, but the bartender was quite friendly and more than happy to let me bend his ear for a spell. Not bad for a Monday.  

All good nights* have one thing in common - they are truer than if they had really happened.

- Ernest Hemingway

(he actually said ‘books’)